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Greater Syracuse Chamber Supports NYS Commissions Proposed Relief to High Property Tax

SYRACUSE, NY  The Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce firmly supports the recommendations made June 3 by the state Commission on Property Tax Relief for addressing the serious problem of growing
property taxes in New York State.

Chamber President Darlene D. Kerr said Taxes continue to be the number one priority for Chamber members. New York State businesses are burdened with the highest taxes in the nation and a tax cap is
absolutely critical in achieving real results in making this state business-friendly.

Kerr goes on to say, With only three weeks left in the state legislative session, we applaud the Governors plan to address this issue before the summer break and help provide relief from the growing
tax burden.

The mission of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce is to create an economic climate that enhances growth, prosperity and the quality of life for all who live and work in Greater Syracuse.

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