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Job Description
Executive Director
Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County
Syracuse is the birthplace of Literacy! The vision is 100% Literacy through 100% Community Engagement.

The Executive Director of the Literacy Coalition under the leadership of the Managing Partners and the Community Foundation will lead a community-wide partnership of businesses, schools, community and
faith based organizations, volunteers, higher education and individuals to carry forward the Community Literacy Plan. The Executive Director will be an employee of the United Way of Central New York
and will
report directly to the Managing Partners of the Leadership Council of the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County.

Community-wide Literacy Plan
" Develop, implement and manage the community-wide literacy plan that will serve as the blueprint for all community activities supporting efforts to raise literacy levels
" Develop and manage systems for resource development, impact measurement, strategic planning, decision-making and on-going communications
" Advocate for increased literacy support through collaborative efforts and a united voice
" Work to establish 1  3 measurable outcomes for the 8 Literacy indicators

Managing Partners
" Work closely with the Managing Partners to develop, implement and manage the community-wide literacy plan
" Meet monthly with the Managing Partners to update them on the fiscal viability of the organization, status of the community-wide literacy plan and other issues related to the coalition
" Adopt and incorporate programmatically those priorities and policies determined by the Managing Partners for overall program operations

Leadership Council
" Meet with the Leadership Council on a quarterly basis to give them updates on the transition from the planning stage to the implementation stage of the community-wide literacy plan
" Work with the Leadership Council to identify the strategic goals for increasing the literacy levels in Onondaga County
" Adopt and incorporate those priorities and policies determined by the Leadership Council
" Recommend policy changes to the Leadership Council as proposed by the Literacy Action Teams
" Inform the Leadership Council of policy and program implementation progress activities
" Explore avenues for program development in light of changing social, political and economic realities and funding opportunities

Literacy Action Team
" Oversee the work of the Literacy Action Teams (which includes: Advocacy, Marketing and Public Relations, Resource Development, Professional Development, Economic Development and Performance
Measurement) that meet monthly or as determined by the needs and priorities of the Literacy Coalition
" Work with the Literacy Action Teams to develop the Literacy Coalitions annual strategic plan which will establish long-term and short term targets and specific strategies to increase the number of
students of all ages who successfully complete literacy program activities which will ultimately raise the literacy levels in Onondaga County
" Review and prioritize community recommendations in light of current opportunities
" Continue to develop the collegial relationship with community stakeholders that was developed during the planning process
" Share information with the Literacy Action Team about the Literacy Coalition activities

Government Relations
" Establish relationships with elected officials in order to educate them on the literacy needs of Onondaga County
" Develop and implement in cooperation with the Leadership Council the legislative agenda for the Literacy Coalition
" Advocate for policy changes that support the Literacy Coalitions priorities
" Work with elected officials to develop grant opportunities and member item support

NYS State Education Department
" Establish relationship with the NYS Education Department in order to access their knowledge and expertise in the area of literacy
" Pursue ongoing support for NYS State Education funding for activities

Fund Development/Sustainability
" In partnership with the fiscal agent, assume overall responsibility for fiscal management and control, including the development and administration of budgets, acceptable accounting procedures,
reports and fiscal accountability
" Pursue funding opportunities to support the identified priorities and to sustain the organizational structure
" Work with foundations and other grant institutions to ensure a continuous funding stream for the coalition
" Facilitate preparation and implementation of a long-range financial plan
" Facilitate preparation of all fundraising materials and grant proposals
" Facilitate the preparation and implementation of an annual budget

Community Relations
" Serve as lead Literacy Coalition spokesperson, elevating literacy as a central priority in Onondaga County
" Heighten awareness within the community about the Literacy Coalition and its purpose
" Facilitate the development and implementation of a long-range community relations plan
" Connect with and provide opportunities to involve the community in the mission of the Literacy Coalition
" Build trust in the community and among all organizations with a stake in increasing literacy levels

Staff and Office Oversight
" Provide leadership and direction to the staff
" Ensure that personnel policies and procedures of the Literacy Coalition are met
" Provide staff with appropriate staff development
" Ensure legal compliance
" Establish and administer office procedures

" Masters degree in related field preferred and at least 7  10 years of experience working in the education, business or non-profit field preferred
" Excellent written, verbal, public speaking and technology skills
" Lead the Literacy Coalition in promoting the achievement of the Community Literacy Indicators fostering significant improved literacy development in the areas of early childhood, school based, out
of school, adult education, workforce development and lifelong learning
" Ability to relate well and coordinate with the people being served
" Have a strong and diverse experience in fund development in areas such as fundraising, grant writing, including foundation grants and obtaining local, state, federal government financial resources.
Experience to include demonstrated applications, awards and contract
" Act as a collaborator, unifier and negotiator who can build strong and effective relations with a variety of organizations in the community
" Ability to work as a team member as well as work independently
" Proven ability of building strong and effective organizations
" Strong ability to persuade, advocate, develop support of 100% Community Engagement
" Can demonstrate ability to build collaborative networks
" Trained and experienced in community change model
" Passionate about literacy at all levels

This is a full-time, exempt position. The salary is dependent on experience. Employee benefits will be provided by United Way of Central New York.

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