Sesame Network

The Sesame Network is an international organization founded in 1992 whose main purpose is to promote economic and cultural cooperation among member cities around the world. In 1998, Syracuse became one of only 21 cities in 18 countries to be accepted for membership in this important international business organization, and the only member representing the United States besides Lafayette, Lousiana. Other participating countries include Spain, Portugal, Canada, Chile, Argentina, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Belgium.

The Sesame Network was created to develop economic, business, and institutional partnership between member towns, their businesses, and communities. The principle method to promote business opportunities and technology transfers between companies is via the International Business Exchange (IBE). This annual three-day event visits one of the member cities from around the world and gives companies the opportunity to develop international business relationships.

Says David Cordeau, President of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, "The IBE represents an efficient method of making internationally contacts to compete more globally. Expanding world markets open up new opportunities and it is an area that we must be involved in if we are going to maintain the momentum of economic expansion".

The U.S. Department of Commerce has reported that total exports for the Syracuse MSA are approaching $2 billion annually, making our city 64th in the nation. The Commerce Department has also stated that every $1 billion in exports represents 16,500 jobs.

If you would like more information on the Sesame Network or would like information on how your company can get involved in the International Business Exchange, contact Gregory Hitchin in Business Development Manager for Onondaga County, at (315) 435-3770.

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